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Candle Magic Simplified

Candle Magick Simplified

An easy to follow, no nonsense guide to improving your life through the age-old method of candle magick. It really works!

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art of channeling

The Art of Channeling

The Art of Channeling by Anita Burns

This is a simple, straightforward text. You will find guidance on how to find a good channel, how to get the most out of your experience, and how to open to your own channeling experience.

I originally wrote this book as a supplemental guide for my channeling students, to answer to the many questions I have received about how to find a good channel and how to develop one’s own skills as a channeler.

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Herbal Secrets

Herbal Secrets for Health and Beauty

Herbal Secrets for Health and Beauty

This book is different from most of the others. It is simple, straight-forward and easy to follow. It lists the properties that actual research has supported so you know what the herb or plant really does.

In part two, recipes are given for using common herbs and plants for healthy, nourishing cosmetics. Again, nothing complicated or difficult. Everything is easy and inexpensive to produce. Usage instructions are also clear and simply put.

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Soul Map

Your Soul Map Excerpt

Your Soul Map

The answer to your questions - Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I? Where am I going?

For years light beings, Johar, Simon, and Michael have been revealing the universal plan of evolution of the soul and its complex pattern of moving from a state of virgin spirit into full Universal consciousness. 

This unfolds in an awesome order and complexity called your Soul Map. Now you can discover the complete map of your soul.

If you REALLY want to understand what you are all about from the micro to macrocosm, come and learn to map your soul. This is a map of the universal plan that makes logical sense and is so clear, you will have no more doubts about your place in the universe and your role in its evolution.

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You are Psychic

You ARE Psychic

A Self-Guided Course in Developing Psychic/Intuitive Skills

Using a method Anita has developed over twenty years, you can safely discover, expand, and be in charge of your psychic/intuitive self. Move from body/mind consciousness to expanded awareness and use your opened awareness for your self and the good of all.

Anita has taught this method for more than twenty years to help you overcome blocks and challenges and help you awaken and control your psychic/intuitive self.

You will gently open your intuitive centers into full flower for expressing your psychic/intuitive skills for yourself and for others. You will develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience for a full experience of the messages from guides, angels, and your own higher self.

You will:

  • Work with your chakras and learn about the chakras outside of your physical body that help you tap into your psychic/intuitive abilities. Plus read chakras on others.
  • Work with the layers of the aura and read the deep information stored there.
  • Learn Psychometry, scrying, and more.
  • Discover how to communicate intuitively with animals to find out what they are really thinking and feeling.
  • Practice direct psychic/intuitive connection to clearly read for others.

Practices for solo and with a partner.

Step by step guide toward empowering your psychic/Intuitive self.

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From Anita's Real Food:    

the dough also rises

The Dough also Rises - How to Make Great Bread

This book is about having fun and creating great bread. It is designed for beginners and seasoned bakers with humor, fun, and easy to follow instructions. Plus there is a complete video demonstrating one of the bread recipes from the book

From history to equipment, ingredients,and recipes for a variety of great breads, you will have fun as you become the best baker in town!

The Dough Also Rises is the first in a series of "Real Food" cookbooks designed to entertain and instruct cooks and newbie cooks in the art of cooking Real Food that is nutritious, delicious, and exciting to create. Go to the website for tons of information, recipes, tips, and more.

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