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EXCERPT: YOUR SOUL MAP - Journey of the Soul - Soul Ages


Soul Map

Your Soul Map

The answer to your questions - Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I? Where am I going?

For years light beings, Johar, Simon, and Michael have been revealing the universal plan of evolution of the soul and its complex pattern of moving from a state of virgin spirit into full Universal consciousness. 

This unfolds in an awesome order and complexity called your Soul Map. Now you can discover the complete map of your soul.

If you REALLY want to understand what you are all about from the micro to macrocosm, come and learn to map your soul. This is a map of the universal plan that makes logical sense and is so clear, you will have no more doubts about your place in the universe and your role in its evolution.

Order, look inside, and more info: Ebook (PDF) or Printed

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Includes detailed information on

  • Soul Ages - Infant to Old
  • Non-physical Soul Ages
  • Soul Rays - Our Ray is kept throughout our lifetimes, but only expressed on the physical plane. Between lives, we express our true soul—essence.
  • Overleaves - Overleaves are filters that we adopt for a lifetime or part of a lifetime to help us grow, learn, and express our Ray 

Overleaves are: Modes, Centers, Goal, Attitudes, Centers, Chief Obstacle

Use the Evaluators at the end of each section to help you create your personal Soul Map.

You don't have to stumble blindly through life wondering what it's all about. Your Soul Map gives you all the answers about why, how, and who you are.

Order, look inside, and more info: Ebook (PDF) or Printed

Ebook Amazon or Barnes & Noble




Our Human Journey

Soul ages can be compared to the stages we go through growing up as a human. By understanding the soul evolution of consciousness, we can move into our final goal of acceptance and unconditional love. The planet is shifting towards a more mature soul dominance. People are acting out of group consciousness and are becoming interested in the harmony of the planet as a whole. With this shift, there will be an increase in spiritual awareness.

Below are brief descriptions of our Soul Ages.

INFANT SOULS—Hide Away. Don’t let the Blue Meanies get you.
Infant souls are raw, without experience and are adjusting to a new existence as a human. Adapting and surviving is their primary concern. Fear is the most prevalent emotion. They usually choose lives in non-technological cultures or those that emphasize survival. Infant souls in technologically advanced societies lead quiet lives and try to gather together with ethnic or cultural groups that match their human heritage. Although not all ethnic subcultures are infant souls. They prefer to live in rural areas and small towns. Big cities are intimidating and scary, and they are uncomfortable living in them.

If they choose a religion, it will most likely be one that is full of the fear of God and “hellfire and brimstone.” They are afraid of germs and are usually antiseptically clean. Few seek higher education.

BABY SOULS We’d better not rock the boat.
They like structure, rules, law, and order. They like their lives to be orderly and they want the government to provide it for them. Baby souls are usually conservative and are attracted to fundamental religions. They are patriotic, don’t question authority, politicians (unless they are in the opposite party) or medical professionals.

They have an abundance of ‘shoulds,’ and know that the world needs to be the way they want it to be. They think that everyone believes what they believe. When faced with opposition, they become confused or hostile. They are exceptionally clean and neat. Baby souls often strive to feel important and may run for political office or join a police force in small towns. That way they can make people behave they way they “should.” If they seek higher education it is from trade schools or occupational training.

YOUNG SOULS—He who dies with the most toys and power wins.
Money, power, and prestige are the young soul mantras. They are competitive, driven, and focused on achievement, wealth, and influence. Independence and the ability to get what they want is their ongoing experience of life. They can be ruthless and they don’t let anyone get in their way. If they can make money or gain power, long term consequences aren’t important. Young souls are the movers, shakers, inventors, and builders of the world.

The Earth is mostly populated with late level young souls. Young souls use the scientific model and ignore or laugh at anything outside this system. They are not interested in spirituality and metaphysics unless they see a way to make money with it or gain power.

Young souls appreciate food, especially the exotic. High fashion and designer labels are the only thing they find acceptable in clothing, furniture, appliances, cars, etc. If they can’t afford the real thing, they will buy fakes just for the label, which they make sure everyone sees.

Young Souls like pets that they think will be prestigious like boa constrictors, exotic birds, ocelots, and such. Or, they will own the currently accepted fashionable animal like Whippets, Rex Cats, and Afghan Hounds.

Young souls are clean and neat, but like to have other people do the work. Young Souls always seek higher education and choose prestigious schools whenever possible.

MATURE SOULS—The agony and the ecstasy.
This is where the emotions and sensitivity to subtle energies emerge. Mature souls begin to open themselves to emotional issues and seek to know a deeper experience of life. They ask the questions, “Who am I? Why am I here? Where did I come from? Will I survive death?”.

Introspection, self-discovery, and spiritual seeking begin here. In this cycle, there is a switch from emphasis on power, money, and glory and a move into a time when relationships are more important than material success. This is a time of great growth and often Mature souls lead lives of emotional turmoil and drama in order to develop their compassion.

This is the level where suicide, alcohol, drug abuse, and terminal diseases are common. When a mature soul becomes famous or wealthy, it’s because of their passion for what they are doing rather than from ambition and a need to be seen as special.

Mature souls generally prefer higher education from non-traditional schools. They like to study philosophy. They might or might not have religious beliefs. If they do, it’s likely to be outside of their cultural heritage.

Many great artists who suffered for their art are Mature Souls, including Van Gogh, Salvidor Dali, and Andy Warhol.

This is a time when inner and outer exploration are important. Mature souls are casual housekeepers. Often what can be seen is neat, but closets and drawers are cluttered and messy. They might or might not pay attention to expiration dates on food. They choose pets they can share an emotional bond with.

OLD SOULS—Life is an illusion but who cares.
Old souls are in the last cycles of physical experiences. Karma resolution is often the strongest drive here for there is a rush to clean out their karmic closet. Old souls are free from the emotional trauma drama and torture of the mature cycle and seek to detach from the drama of society and life. They strive to let go of pettiness, ego attachments, and accept the human experience with equanimity. Only then can they can move on to other, non-physical planes of existence.

The underlying goal for an old soul is to learn unconditional love. This is the most difficult lesson of all, one that many claim to have, until life challenges it with drama and tragedy. It is then that they discover the power of the ego to fool. Old souls experience the universe as a living consciousness. Unity and oneness are a powerful pull.

The old soul seeks internal and external peace. Old souls are often considered unusual, eccentric and unconventional by younger souls. Mature souls envy them, young souls them, and they scare baby and infant souls.

Old souls don’t express their soul age until they are around 28-35 years old. Until then they recap younger soul ages to review karma that still hasn’t been resolved. As children they feel, different, odd, and out of step with the world.

The old soul seeks professions that express their inner self and that won’t interfere with their spiritual growth. There are gardeners, vintners, and gas station attendants. There are probably few old souls in the corporate climbing game, but it is unlikely that an aggressive young soul CEO would be interested in saving the environment unless there is some personal gain.

Spiritual development and ending the cycle of birth and death Is a driving force. Old souls are good at many things, but only master a few. They can do a lot of things well, but may not stick with them long enough to be an expert. There is a deep desire to understand their existence.

A major challenge for old souls is self-esteem. Depression is common with old souls. They are learning to consider themselves as valuable as they consider others. They are learning to accept their worth and value without ego involvement. Ram Dass is a prime example of a late level old soul.

Few old souls seek fame. If they do seek the public eye, it is usually to teach— the old soul is a born teacher. Old souls teach and help others find their own truth. Sharing all of their knowledge and wisdom with others is a requirement for finishing the old soul cycle.