Hypnosis Training

A Self-Guided Course

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Professional Hypnosis Training – A Self-Guided Course by Anita Burns.

Includes 168 page manual & 8 audio tracks.

Discover and learn the structure of hypnosis and how to use it in effective and powerful ways to make adjustments and changes in your life so you can reach goals, empower, and expand your life then apply this to your personal, business, social, and spiritual, life.

Combine hypnosis with other powerful methods for change, such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and traditional therapy models, to have, at your fingertips, one of the most dynamic tools for change available today.

Learning hypnosis is an adventure that will take you inside the mind to discover
and awaken the highest potential of yourself and others.

This SELF-GUIDED, PROFESSIONAL COURSE is a complete course for professionals and students of modern hypnosis. 

Hypnosis methods have changed and expanded so rapidly in the precent past that printed material can barely keep pace with new discoveries. This course has the latest and most powerful techniques and instruction.

This Self-Guided Course includes all of the material that Anita uses in her Professional Hypnosis Training. It includes exercises, information, instructions for personalized inductions, modern deepeners, suggestibility personalized testing, complete programs including smoking, weight control, regression, working with children, self-hypnosis, post hypnotic suggestions, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian indirect hypnosis, Kappas’ suggestibility personality categories, phobias, giving suggestions, handling problems, and much more.

This Professional Hypnosis Course is for you if you want to use hypnosis for yourself and/or others in the best possible way. You won’t get better instruction anywhere.

How is this course?
First of all, this contains the information and exercises I learned in my training at one of the country’s biggest hypnosis schools, which consisted of classes in theory and practice. 

Most hypnosis courses teach that only some people are hypnotizable. That isn’t true–everyone can be hypnotized if approached in the correct way. 

This training gives you individual personality profiles to uniquely tailor each induction and suggestion program for each individual. Using a combination of traditional hypnotherapy knowledge and techniques, Ericksonian indirect change methods, with NLP modalities and principles, you can become a skilled and effective hypnosis professional.

About Anita
Anita Burns is an NLP trainer and practitioner, certified by the Center for Advanced Studies in San Rafael, CA. She is certified as a Master Hypnotherapist by HMI, Los Angeles, CA. and the Hypnotist Examining Council. She is certified as a Handwriting Analyst by HMI, Los Angeles, CA. and co-founded the NLP Institute of Houston, Texas in 1984, and the Houston Association for Hypnotherapists, in 1983.