In the Light… Candle Magick

Candle Magick

This amazing book takes you through how to use the age-old art of Candle Magick. The techniques you learn are clean and powerful, minus the clutter of outdated Medieval or Christianized additions. Those were added by modern practitioners seeking to distance themselves from superstitious beliefs about pagan and Wicca being evil or of the devil. It hasn’t had that effect and they are completely unnecessary and, in my opinion, damaging to the art of Candle Magick.

The modern approach for “white” magick uses the neopagan motto of DO NO HARM. White Magicking is done for highest good.

You will learn about the Wheel of the Year celebrations, rituals and spells for protection, love, and self improvement. Step by step discussion of altars, candles, oils, symbols, seals, garb, and so much more.

Candle Magick is the root of the ever-popular but often ineffective theory of the “Secret.” But Candle Magick has so much more that makes it powerful and successful.

So, give it a read. Have fun and change your life with the simple methods using candles, oils, herbs, and the spoken word.

It’s beautiful, delightful, and fills us with joy.