Psychic Intuitive

A Self Guided Course in Developing Psychic Intuitive Skills
Psychic Intuitive

Simply by being human, you already have  psychic and intuitive abilities.

They are a part of your very nature. It’s just a matter of learning how to recognize and use them in practical ways.

This book cuts through a lot of the, in my opinion, “BS” in many books today and gets straight to the point about letting your psychic intuitive ability come through, clear, clean, and safe.

By doing the included exercises–for both partner and solo practice–, discovering how to distinguish imagination from real insight, learning how to use tools and devices such as crystal ball, cards, dice, pendulums, L-rods, and more, you will be able to use your direct psychic intuition. 

As a bonus, you can develop your skills in related areas: animal communication, chakras, auras, dreams, telepathy, thought forms, psychometry, predictions, and more for a well-rounded education in uncovering and blossoming  your psychic intuitive self.