Once Upon a Dark and Stormy Night

Writing Fiction

Dark and Stormy Night image

I originally intended to create a simple and brief guide to use in my Dark and Stormy Night writing workshops but as I wrote, it grew into something more—a concise, to-the-point, and easily understandable and entertaining resource for any writer of fiction—especially indie authors.

When I first dipped my toe into the deep end of the fiction-book pool, I sank to the bottom like a stone. My writing had promise but any talent I had was hidden beneath a mound of greenhorn ignorance about the techniques of crafting fiction and the structure of good writing. With determination, I set out on a path of hard work, study, practice, and pounding the keys.

I offered my prose up for critique and editorial suggestions from the geniuses in my critique group then rewrote until my fingers grew numb. I learned to navigate the tapestry of complex patterns that help authors weave compelling and engrossing stories.

This little book contains ingredients to help you bring your writing into the best it can be.

Some of the best advice I was ever given is that although it’s a good thing to strive to be the best possible author, be cautious of falling into the perfection trap. No book is free from flaw. Even world-famous novels have errors or issues that would make your English teacher cringe.

Readers are forgiving of minor infractions, such as the occasional alliteration, typo, or incomplete sentence. Learn your craft, do your best, and don’t sweat bullets over every comma.